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Robert Kwon, MD -  - Hand Surgeon

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Robert Kwon, MD

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Ignoring hand and wrist fractures can reduce your ability to heal properly and increase your risk of long-term complications. Robert K. Kwon, MD is an experienced hand surgeon at Southwest Hand and Microsurgery in Plano, Texas, offering treatment solutions for broken bones. If you think you’ve broken a bone, don’t wait to see a doctor. Call Southwest Hand and Microsurgery or schedule an appointment online today.

Hand and Wrist Fractures Q & A

What are hand and wrist fractures?

Fractures in your hand or wrist are breaks or cracks in your bones.

The most common cause of hand and wrist fractures is trying to catch yourself when you fall. Men, women, and children participating in athletic activities have higher risks of broken hands and wrists. These activities include:

  • Inline skating
  • Horseback riding
  • Skiing or snowboarding
  • Jumping on a trampoline
  • Football, soccer, hockey, or rugby

Car accidents are also a common cause of hand and wrist fractures.

What are the symptoms of hand and wrist fractures?

The symptoms of broken bones in your wrist or hand include:

  • Swelling and tenderness
  • Bruising
  • Numbness in your fingers or hand
  • Deformities like crooked fingers or an oddly bent wrist
  • Severe pain that worsens with movement
  • Being unable to move your thumb or fingers

When you have a broken bone in your hand or wrist, it’s essential to contact Dr. Kwon immediately. Delaying treatment can increase your risks of long-term complications such as decreased range of motion and hand strength, nerve or blood vessel damage, and arthritis.

How are hand and wrist fractures diagnosed and treated?

Dr. Kwon diagnoses your hand and wrist fracture during a physical examination with digital imaging tests like CT scans and MRIs. He creates a personalized treatment strategy based on the severity of your break.

Treatments for hand and wrist fractures typically include:

  • Medication to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Immobilization to restrict movement of the broken bones
  • Physical therapy to restore mobility and reduce stiffness

In certain hand and wrist fractures, Dr. Kwon recommends surgical treatment to correct your break. Examples are to remove loose bone fragments, to treat fractures near a joint, or to treat an open fracture, in which the fracture breaks through your skin.

Dr. Kwon also recommends surgery if surrounding nerves, blood vessels, or ligaments in the area are damaged. He has advanced training in hand reconstructive surgery and microsurgery, so he can repair blood vessels and nerves as small as 1 millimeter wide.

During hand and wrist fracture surgery, Dr. Kwon may implant plates, pins, screws, or rods to hold your broken bones in place during the healing process. To repair some hand and wrist fractures, Dr. Kwon uses a bone graft to encourage healing.

To find expert care to repair your hand or wrist fracture, call Southwest Hand and Microsurgery or schedule an appointment online today. Our practice serves those in Plano and Dallas, TX.

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