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Patient Portal Questions


Do I have to use the portal?

Not if you don't want to.

Why do you guys push it so hard?

Two reasons. First of all, the government mandates that a certain percentage of your patients register and use the portal or you face penalties. You could argue that such a thing makes a lot more sense for primary care doctors than hand surgeons, but the medical profession has pretty much accepted that this is the world we live in now.

Second of all, it really does make your life easier. You can send messages directly to the staff's inbox securely if you have a question or request. You can make appointments without ever having to talk to another human being. You can get copies of all of your medical notes, visit summaries, labs, tests, and operative reports without having to deal with a phone system or being put on hold. Instead of filling out pages of forms when you first check in, you sign once and you get sent to a room immediately. We really think you should give it a try. The vast majority of people who try it love it.

I'm still not convinced.

That's fine. You can always call us. Sometimes we even mail or fax paperwork to people who don't like email.

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