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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Dr. Kwon a plastic surgeon or a hand surgeon?

Both, actually. Hand surgery includes aspects of both orthopedic (bone, joint, tendon, and ligaments) and plastic surgery (soft tissue, skin, nerves, flap, and microsurgery), though it really is its own unique discipline. While Dr. Kwon is a board-certified plastic surgeon, he focuses primarily on hand and reconstructive surgery.

Does Dr. Kwon do cosmetic surgery?

No. Dr. Kwon sort of dislikes cosmetic surgery. He would be more than happy to refer you to one of his many, many colleagues who have made cosmetic surgery the focus of their practice.

Why hands?

It's very technical, logical, and rewarding. Dr. Kwon does a fair amount of "wide-awake" surgery in the office, and patients who see the inner workings of the hand usually understand the appeal, unless they get faint or pass out, but that is actually pretty rare. A lot of patients with hand injuries are contractors, carpenters, and woodworkers, which all happen to be among Dr. Kwon's interests.

Isn't woodworking a bad hobby for a surgeon, much less a hand surgeon?

Dr. Kwon is well aware of the irony, but he mostly uses hand tools and so far he has all his fingers. He should probably get a SawStop at some point.

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